Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics for laboratory use

Warehouse logistics is the heart of every enterprise, when dealing with commercial products, high-quality high-tech products or go to prestigious brands. Therefore is at this point the sensitivity in the "set b2b Logistics Center, Hamburg in the highest degree. With multi-port digital equipment, "b2b contract logistics companies" provides for the monitoring and security of stored furniture. Through the use of bar code systems is carried out a continuous overview of the inventory and all movements of goods to the customer. Security systems provide staff and warehouse around the clock for the insurance.

Following capacities are provided in the b2b warehouse logistics center, Hamburg:

  • 6,500sqm of handling space
  • 40,000pallet locations/high Baypallet locations
  • Sprinkler,fire detectionandalarm system in accordance with VdSclassC
  • Paperlesspickingwithwirelessand radio data transmission
  • Computer-controlledwarehouse management
  • Onlinemerchandise tracking/tracking


B2B logistics center Hamburg: www.b2b-kontraktlogistik-hamburg.de


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